Hungry Hill Farm

Wildflower Honey (Crystalizing)

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This honey is still completely usable and safe to eat, but has begun the natural process of crystalizing.  Some honey crystalizes earlier than others, depending on its sugar composition.  We're offering discounted pricing on the remaining bottles.

Amber-hued and mellow, local raw honey is a treasure.  Before the advent of widely-distributed refined sugar, sweetness was a rare and fleeting thing.  Honey echoes a not so distant time in which Virginians would have found the delicate touch of sugar locally, through the work of bees, berries, and trees.  

8 ounces, raw 

Hungry Hill Farm

The Claytons have been keeping honey hives on their property, and loaning them out to orchards, berry patches, and farms across Central Virginia, since the 1980’s. To support and promote the importance of bees as pollinators, the Claytons offer guidance and instruction to beginning beekeepers and market shoppers who are interested in the current state of the honeybee. They also participate in local and regional beekeeping and honey making conferences and workshops, offering a helping hand and words of wisdom to those who aspire to the trade.