• Thistle in the Glass

    Ever sipped on an artichoke? We’re especially fond of them behind the bar. In fact, we like them so much that we made a wine out of them. But we weren’t the first. Artichokes hold a particular place of honor in Italian barcraft, where they’re traditionally made into amaro. In a cocktail, they bring a gentle bitterness and supple volume. A genre unto themselves, mixing with thistles calls for a level of understanding.

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  • Bitters: The Art of Toning a Cocktail

    Bitters get short shrift on the bar. Diminutive in size and less immediately intoxicating, they more often than not become little more than their namesake: bitter. In truth, bitters are a form of amaro: botanically-infused spirits meant to bring nuance and glamor to the glass. They can be piercing and direct or subtle and layered. Used by the drop or by the ounce, they can change the personality of a cocktail with little more than a dash.

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  • Botanical Wines

    Amaro, vini amari, vermouth, quinquina: aromatized wine has many names and faces. In deciding how to define ours, we settled on botanical wine. European genres speak to European traditions and stylistics. We have neither.

    We are American Mid-Atlantic. Our wines are rooted in the plants that reflect this place. They needed a different name. Botanical wine fits the bill.

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  • Bitters

    Bitters are the finishing touch in a cocktail.  Like salt in a dish, they accent and amplify.  Each of our bitters has its own atmosphere, subtly toning a cocktail with structured bitterness and aromatic botanicals.  Using traditional herbs native to our bioregion, we capture truly farm-to-glass, terroir-driven cocktails.

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