Collection: Botanical Wines

Amaro, vini amari, vermouth, quinquina: aromatized wine has many names and faces. In deciding how to define ours, we settled on botanical wine. European genres speak to European traditions and stylistics. We have neither.

We are American Mid-Atlantic. Our wines are rooted in the plants that reflect this place. They needed a different name. Botanical wine fits the bill.
  • Solstice

    Solstice is a co-fermentation of white hybrid grapes and heirloom red plums.  Full skin-contact yields an angular structure with a  gently tannic finish.  Sage, rosemary, and wormwood guide the palate in a meandering line through the abundance of high summer. 

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  • Nocino Americano

    Infused with American walnut, autumn olive, and spicebush, this modern aperitivo leads with the resinous flora of Southern Appalachia.  Cherry wood aging lends subtle nuance and tannin. 

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  • Mentha

    A gently bitter portrait of late spring. Spearmint, nasturtium, and rhubarb are juxtaposed against gentian and hardy kiwi. Cool and floral, it speaks to unfurling beginnings and the latent potential of new life.

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Taste & Puchase at Select Events

Visit us at farmers markets and special pop-ups to taste or purchase these wines.

Artemisia Members can puchase these wines for delivery with your CSA by purchasing throught the Marketplace.

Options for pickup at the farm and wholesale are in development and will be available soon.

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