Potomac Chocolate

Tumaco Columbia 70% Dark Chocolate

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The cacao behind Tumaco is sourced from Cacao de Columbia, an organization that supports small cacao farmers.  Supporting fair-trade pricing on sustainable cacao allows farmers and their families to cultivate a savings and stable livelihood.  In turn, this decreases the likelihood of individuals becoming involved with illegal money-making operations.  The effects on the surrounding community are both socially and economically beneficial.  

Potomac Chocolate is a humble, bean-to bar chocolate producer in Woodbridge, Virginia. The business is managed almost entirely by chocolate maker Ben Rassmussen, whose passion for single-origin chocolate terroir has skyrocketed him from home chocolate maker to an iconic name in artisan mid-Atlantic chocolate production.  Not only does Ben source from small, sustainable producers, but he also catalogues the story of the place, the farmers, and the sociocultural nuances of each place. 

Having spent her childhood in Woodbridge, Kelly knew that she had to invite Ben to be a part of the Artemisia CSA!