Grass-fed Traditional Beef Biltong

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Lightly peppered and slowly air-dried, Biltong is the grown-up version of jerky.  Sliced across the grain in thin, supple slices, it sidesteps the uncomfortable leathery chew of conventional dried meats.  Once opened, it keeps for days, making healthy snacking easy when time management isn't. 

Ayoba Biltong

Ayoba is based out of Springfield, Virginia.  Started as a father-son pastime by the originally South-African Van Blommestein family, they take their name from a word found throughout South Africa: Ayoba.  Ayoba means, "great!," and they're convinced that once you try their products, you'll say the same thing.   Unlike most jerky on the market, Ayoba doesn't contain sneaky quantities of sugar.  Instead, they maintain the tenderness of their meat through slowly air-drying it, following traditional South African methods.   Their beef is pasture-raised and grass-fed, supporting local, sustainable animal husbandry.