Telmo Rodriguez

Telmo Rodriguez Pegaso Zeta Garnacha 2018

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Region: Cebreros, Castille y León, Spain
Varietal: Garnacha
ABV: 14.5%

The Telmo Rodriguez line is a 30-year collaboration between Telmo Rodriguez and Pablo Eguzkiza.  Beginning with very little in resources but great ambition, Rodriguez and Eguzkia sought out lesser known or abandoned vineyard sites throughout Northern and Western Spain , producing wines speaking to the historical traditions of their nation as a whole.  In total, they have worked 355 small vineyard plots, 80 total hectares, and 43 varieties of native grapes.

In their words:  "Our job has been to find these enclaves, understand them and give them back importance. Some had maintained their old vineyards, others we had to replant, imagining how the best vintners of the past would have done it."
"Zeta" is produced from a once-abandoned Garnacha vineyards and an old winery known as La Piñonera in Cebreros.  The vines are Organically tended and bush-trained, as is the tradition of the region.  In the tradition of their work, Pegaso is an expression of a place once lost to time, and the arduous journey of restoring it to health.

The grapes are hand-picked and fermented with native yeasts in French barrels of different origins and ages.  They then age for 9 months in a mixture of foudre, steel tanks, and additional French barrels.