Belmont Peanuts

Sea Salt Peanuts

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One of the four varieties of peanuts grown for commercial production, the Virginia Peanut bear large, tan fruits with a uniquely crisp texture.  Cooked by hand in small batches and tossed with sea salt, these are a classic expression of Virginian cooking. 

 10 oz

Belmont Peanuts

Located in Southampton County, otherwise known as the "Heart of Peanut Country", the Marks family is committed to growing, harvesting and processing an exceptional peanut.  Unwaveringly loyal to the Virginia Peanut, their philosophy is to promote and provide the freshest, most delicious, hand cooked peanuts on the market.  The Marks see the Virginia Peanut as an emblem of Virginian identity, and a critical piece in the puzzle of rural mid-Atlantic foodways.  Their passion for tradition has kept the Virginia Peanut thriving.