Pequea Valley Farm

Plain Yogurt

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A thick, tangy yogurt, cultured slowly and naturally, without artificial thickeners or additives.  Perfect on its own, or swirled with jam, honey, or maple syrup.  It also makes a wonderful substitute for sour cream at the table or in recipes.  

1 quart

Pequea Valley Farm

Pequea Valley Farm uses the milk from grass-fed Jersey cows located right in the heart of Lancaster County to create their fresh, creamy yogurts.  Their cows spend the majoroty of the year in open pasture, living peacefully and happily.  Pequea's yogurt is made without artificial additives or sweeteners of any kind, making it a wholesome and authentic alternative to moern commercial dairy products.  Pequea Valley is operated under the parent company Doorstep Dairy, which opened in 2010.  Since its inception, the founders of Doorstep Dairy have made it their mission to connect consumers with locally produced products.