Mentha 2022

A gently bitter portrait of late spring. Mints and rhubarb are juxtaposed against gentian. Cool and floral, it speaks to unfurling beginnings and the latent potential of new life.


Deeper Dive

While many mint-centered amari are dark and intense (think Branca Menta), our Mentha is decidedly bright, full-bodied, and playful.


Plays Well with...

Fino sherry, gin, prosecco.
Great for spritz cocktails, a minty Bamboo, or a lightly bittered take on a Mojito or Mint Julep.

Production Details

Base wine:  100% Traminette from Narmada Vineyard (Amissville, VA)

Key Botanicals:  three varieties of mint, rhubarb stalk, dandelion leaves

Aging: 4 month with 50% apple wood, 25% American oak, 25% pecan wood

Made and bottled by hand.

31 cases produced.

Sediment in the bottle is natural.

Keep Refrigerated after Opening

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Inspiration for the Bar

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