Left Coast Cellars

Left Coast White Pinot Noir 2019

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Producer: Left Coast Cellars
Varietal: 91% Pinot Noir, 6% Pinot Meunier, 3% Pinot Blanc
Region: Rickreall, Willamette Valley, Oregon

Left Coast's White Pinot began as a small-scale experiment and quickly blossomed into one of their most sought-out and unique vintages.  Pressed under extremely cold conditions directly from red Pinot Noir grapes, the resulting pale juice is immediately separated from the grape skins, leaving its color and tannin behind.  The resulting wine has the body and intensity of a classic Pinot Noir, with the refreshing acidity and verve of a summer white. 

About Left Coast:
Left Coast is a bastion of sustainable winemaking and integrative viticulture.  They maintain multiple certifications in sustainability, to include Salmon Safe and L.I.V.E. certified.  Their site is powered primarily through solar-energy, and what land they do not give to grapes, they populate with native habitat restoration initiatives or wildflower swaths.  Beehives are kept on the property to encourage pollinator recovery, and the winery itself actively supports numerous local initiatives in sustainable social stewardship.