Henrique & Henrique

Henrique & Henrique Madeira "Doce Generoso" 5 Year

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Producer: Henrique & Henrique

Varietal: Tinta Negra
Region: Portugal

Henriques & Henrique (H&H) originated in 1850 as a partidista, supplying wine to other merchants from the Henriques vineyard holdings. In 1925, Henriques & Henriques began to bottle and export Madeira produced entirely from their own vineyards, an anomaly amongst producers on the island at the time.

From the time of their founding up to the present, H&H has been dedicated to planting and preserving Portuguese native varieties, specifically Tinta Negra. Formerly known as Tinta Negra Mole, Tinta Negra is widely planted but largely unsung. Long-prized by growers for its generous yields and adaptability, Tina Negra is typically seen as a base for entry level madeira. Of late, local winemakers are reevaluating the grape as a base for more developed examples of madeira, with H&H producing one of the first 50-year Tinta Negras in the world.

H&H Doce Generoso is aged for 5 years in oak casks, lending it a an amber coloration and deeply spiced profile. It's sweetness is balanced by the natural acidity of the Tinta Negra grape, making it an ideal digestif or base for autumnal cocktails.