Chapel Hill Farm

Grass-Fed Heritage Breed Pastrami

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This is your classic pastrami: lightly marbled, gently salted, and perfectly spiced.  With its crust of black pepper and thin, stackable slices, it makes quick and satisfying sandwiches, nestled between slices of buttered rustic bread and tomatoes.  Try it rolled into bite-sized pieces for a smorgasbord spread, or tucked into pita bread with hummus and olives. 

This is the highest quality deli meat available, local or otherwise. 

12 oz


Chapel Hill Farm

Chapel Hill Farm is a paragon of excellence in ethical animal husbandry.  Their cows spend their entire lives in the pasture, and are never given hormones, steroids, or unnecessary harmful antibiotics.  Their cows are allowed to breed naturally, and their calves are slowly weaned from their mother's milk at their own pace.  Chapel Hill raises a nearly extinct heritage breed, the Randall Lineback.  Known for its superb tolerance to both heat and cold as well as its docile temperament, this was one of the original all-purpose cattle seen in colonial America.  While taking nearly twice as long to reach maturity as more common breeds, it is a postmark from another time, when cows were considered essential to all aspects of daily life.  Supporting Chapel Hill supports the continuation of the Randall Lineback breed.