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Eucalyptus Bitters

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The center player in these bitters is Eucalyptus.  The Eucalyptus we know as food and medicine is part of a larger genus containing over 700 plants.  Also known as the Stringy Bark Tree, the Gum Tree, or simply as Gumnut (owing to its woody fruit capsule), Eucalyptus has been used for centuries by cultures in and beyond Australia for a variety of medicinal complaints.  It’s use in food is limited by its intensity, but in diluted quantities, it lends mentholic elegance and clarity.   

Hella compliments their Eucalyptus base with a late kick of dark, heated spice and black pepper. These bitters shine in lean, botanically-driven cocktails as well as alongside fruit-based creations.  

5 oz

Hella Bitter

Hella Cocktail Co. is an ode to diversity.  Their creations celebrate the culture and history of global botanicals, honoring their roots while sharing them with cocktail enthusiasts of all builds.  They partner with producers and organizations who share their values of sustainability and preservation, using their business to craft a web of social support for all the entities working behind the scenes in the realm of agriculture and cocktails.