Mt. Defiance Cidery and Distillery

Farmhouse Style Cider

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Producer: Mt. Defiance Cidery and Distillery
Region: Middleburg, Virginia

Mt. Defiance is a cidery and distillery, sourcing local bitter cider apples from the family orchards that dot Virginia's hill country. They craft their ciders following French and English inspiration, often finishing dry, tannic, and naturally effervescent.  Each cider is a unique expression of Virginia terroir, yielding the same specificity and sense of place found in regionally-driven wines.

There are over 400 varieties of apples historically grown in the Shenandoah (most of which are cider apples). Some are sweet and bright, with plenty of sugar and verve. Others are tannic and intense, with barely a touch of sugar and cutting acidity. Just as with grapes, they flavor of an apple is highly dependent upon the climate in which it is grown. Orchards traditionally were planted according to their microclimates and tended by hand throughout the season. Although the Shenandoah's orcharding traditions have given way in many regions to housing and horse pasture, there remain a few family farms dedicated to keeping the old agricultural ways alive.

The Farmhouse Dry is crisp and elegant. It shuns the overly sweet style of new-American cider, showing lively yet balanced acidity. Gentle apple skin tannins add structure to something otherwise light and low-alcohol. It's perfect for session-style, autumnal cocktails to share over food and laughter.