Immortal Mountain

Black Flower 80% Chocolate

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Black Flower is crafted from a unique, natural hybrid variety of Peruvian chocolate known as Trinitario.  Infused with maca, lucuma, bee pollen, vanilla, and black lava salt, this bar is a tribute to passion, vigor, and vitality.  

1.5 ounces

Immortal Mountain

Immortal Mountain is a small farm and homestead in the Appalachian Mountains.  The cacao used in their bars is raw, organic, fair trade, and single-sourced from Peru. The beans are cured in their own fruit pulp, gently dried (not roasted), and ground into cacao paste and cacao butter: the base of Immortal Mountain's chocolate.  Each bar is infused with herbs and botanicals centered on a specific energetic inspired by the human experience and by the landscapes we call our homes.  

*Immortal Mountain chocolates are ceremoniously made to order in small batches.  Refrigeration is recommended.  Prior to consuming, bring chocolate to room temperature.