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Atoka Soft-Ripened Cheese

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A gently aged, cow's milk log with varying textures, from oozingly soft at the edges to slightly firmer at its center.  Intensely luscious and rich, this creamy cheese is perfect for spreading over crackers or slicing atop steaming hot pasta.  

4 oz log

Village Cheeseworks

Cheesemaker Eric Hilgartner spent years working in local cheesemaking in Middleburg, Virginia, before he embarked on his own adventure in Upperville.  Sourcing milk from sustainably farmed cows, he crafts artisan cheese with a sense of place and identity.  Each of his cheeses takes its name from a historic location in Virginia, paying homage to the rural heritage that still stands today.  His work is some of the best we've encountered, and as a new creamery to the Virignia dairy scene, we are excited to support his growth.