Antica Torino

Antica Torino Vermouth Rosso

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Region: Italy, Turin (Piemonte)

ABV: 18%

About the Producer: Antica Torino is the brainchild and longtime passion project of Liguria-based wine & spirits huntsman, Vittorio Zoppi, and Umbrian winemaker Filippo Antonelli.  Over the course of a year, Vito and Filippo crafted the first vintage of Antica Torino while maintaining their day jobs, eventually leading to the rebirth of traditional, Turinese vermouth.  Under their careful guidance, Antica Torino has revived an otherwise tepid and redundant market, reestablishing vermouth on the global stage. 

A definitively sweet vermouth, driven by depth while skirting weight.  Vermouthier Vito Zoppi uses native botanicals to craft a truly regional, piemotese aromatized wine.  Native rosemary, red thyme and oregano are rounded out by citrus, rhubarb, wormwood and gentian.  Infused into a base of Trebbiano and Moscato, Friesa mistel is added along with caramelized sugar at the close of fermentation, naturally coloring the final product.