Strega Rossa

Strega Rossa

Strega Rossa means "Red Witch" in Italian.  Why a red witch?  Strega is a beloved Italian herbal liqueur with witchy origins.  According to legend, witches from all over the world would come to the city of Benevento, where they gathered beneath a magical walnut to brew potent love potions.  Is Strega the magical potion of desire?  Buy a bottle for yourself and find out. 

Rosso, or "Red" come from the intense pigment of the Banyuls.  Working with Banyuls in a cocktail is a lot like working with port.  It's sweet, marginally dense, and hesitantly tannic. If you prefer things floral and herbal (as Kelly does), skip the Quercus bitters.  If you're otherwise drawn to contrast and textural intensity (like Andrew), keep it.  



      1. Combine the Banyuls, gin, strega, and Quercus bitters (if desired) in a shaker over ice and stir to combine.  
      2. Strain into a rock glass and serve with the orange rind. 
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