Koroneiki Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Laconiko's family estate extra virgin olive oil is cold-pressed from the Greek Koroneiki olive varietal.  The olives are harvested while still young and green, yielding an oil with a markedly higher polyphenol content than standard supermarket olive oils, and an extended shelf life in turn.  Average grades of olive oil contain on average 50 mg/kg (ppm) of polyphenols, or even less. In an typical year, Laconiko EVOO contains over 400 mg/kg.  



Laconiko is a team of two brothers, Diamantis and Dino Pierrakos, both first generation immigrants to the States from Greece.  Their father, Vasilios, spent his life tending olive groves just off the Mediterranean cost, crafting artisan oil in the way of his ancestors.  While Vasilios is no longer with us, Diamantis and Dino carry on the family tradition, pitting their groves and their heritage against an onslaught of adulterated commercial olive oil.  Each of their oils is tested for stability and antioxidant content, insuring the same standards of quality year after year.  

Representing Laconiko spurred a long conversation between Kelly and Andrew.  On the one hand, they were primarily a Greek product and not remotely local.  The majority of production occurred overseas, with the bottling performed in-house in Manassas.  In this light, a California producer might make more sense, or perhaps no producer at all. 

On the other hand, Diamantis and Dino had left their family and their home to bring their vision to America.  They blend and sell their oils here, and are a driving feature in Virginia's food economy.  It was this that pushed us to including them in our CSA.  Cultural sustainability is just as important as ecological sustainability.  Community building with other small businesses and supporting their work leads to a better, stronger, more humane community overall.