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Elder Bitters

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Junio is snow upon the palate, the chill taste of sleeping life.  Within, etheric footsteps draw close: rose buds kissed with frost, saplings blushed and willowed.  Her touch is the briefest crush of cast petals against an icy dawn, her words drawn like old memories from the barren well of spring. 

Alpine and herbal on the nose, with a sweeping rush of elderflower at the finish. The palate is dark and refined, leaning into cold, piercing wormwood, rounded by clove buds and dried lemon.

Tasting Notes

Lavender blossom, juniper berry, elderflower, kelp, fennel seed, marigold, fresh sage, sourwood honey, maple sugar, melting snow.


fino, tequila, aquavit, vodka, japanese whisky

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