Artemisia Farm & Vineyard

Incendia Bitters

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A playful bite, just above the collarbone. An invitation traced by curious fingertips. A beckoning in whispers. Weighty smoke, draping the air. Every touch incendiary, sparkling like flint. Locks of hair, gently pulled, parted lips, gently tugged.

Layered and sensual on the tongue, Incendia leads with the fleeting embrace of tart cherry, followed by a dance of smoke across the back of the tongue. Echoing, dusty bitterness closes the palate.

Tasting Notes

Tart cherry, lemon rind, sweet orange, lapsang souchong tea, cardamom, bamboo, clove, star anise, gentian root, smoke, dust, terracotta, leather, caramelized sugar.


classics, whiskey, mezcal, floral gin, campari, sweet vermouth, moscatel, amontillado