C. Comoz

C. Comoz Vermouth Blanc de Chambery

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Producer: C. Comoz

Region: Savoie, France

ABV: 16%

C. Comoz is one of the original two producers of vermouth in Chambéry (a small commune in the Savoie region of France).  Reputedly the originator of the semi-sweet "blanc" style of French vermouth, Comoz was dedicated to producing a style of vermouth traditional to Chambéry, emphasizing wormwood, alpine blossoms, and gentle, herbal botanicals.  Clear and lean, Comoz's creation was designed as a mirror to the crystalline chill and subtle elegance of the northern mountains of his home.  


Today, Comoz's recipe is continued by Dolin et Cie, unchanged, as an artifact to the rare, refined vermouth of the French mountains.