Mother Shrub

Black Cherry Shrub

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Mother Shrub Black Cherry is a combination of organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar, pressed juice from organic dark sweet black cherries, and organic cane sugar.  With its balanced acidity and lush, balanced sweetness, this drinking vinegar is equally at home atop a spinach salad with sliced berries as it is in any number of lively cocktails.  We recommend adding this to your standard Old-Fashioned or Mint Julep recipe when the next occasion calls.

Meredyth Archer was first introduced to drinking vinegars as a child growing up in West Virginia, when she would drink a sweetened vinegar with her grandmother, who thought it was the answer to everything. Years later, she came across a recipe for sweet fruit vinegar in a family cookbook from the late 1800s, a hand-me-down. She remembered the tart and sweet taste from her youth and decided to make a batch. Many shared batches later, Mother Shrub drinking vinegars was born.