Bee Cosmic Peanut Butter

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Made in Reston from 100% Virginia-grown peanuts, Bee Cosmic is a classic, smooth peanut butter, blended with a light touch of honey.  Elevating it from standard fare, a small amount of bee pollen is included as well, adding micronutrients and immune-modulating effects.  A completely local peanut butter with a modern twist!

9 oz


In the words of owner and founder, Radhika Murari: "My son is a swimmer, so he needs a lot of energy and good nutrition. But, like many young kids, he does not have the patience to sit and eat big meals. Peanut butter is a quick, easy way to get good protein and energy to fuel his activities. Since I am very wary of processed foods, I bought preservative-free natural peanut butter from a local health store and gave it to my son. He hated it – the grit and oiliness was off-putting. After lots trial-and-error, I found a way to make natural, preservative-free peanut butter that tastes amazing, lasts ages in the cupboard, and that my son and his friends love.

Radhika started her career with an IT start up. Over the past few decades, she has run numerous businesses with a focus on profitability and employee success. While taking a break from the for-profit world, Radhika started and ran a successful non-profit that provided school supplies to over 500 teachers with 85,000 students in public schools all over the United States. Radhika also holds leadership positions in non-profit organizations in her community, in addition to contributing countless volunteer hours.