Solstice Vermouth

Batch 2022

A vermouth of uncommon origin. Crafted from white hybrid grapes and heirloom red plums, Solstice guides the palate in a meandering line through the abundance of high summer. Full skin-contact yields angular structure, while rose hips, sumac, and dandelion speak to summer in the mountains.

Deeper Dive

A true vermouth in that wormwood is the bittering agent, but unorthodox in the base wine being plums in addition to grapes, and that both are fermented on the skins.

Plays Well with...

Floral gins, rye whiskey, or just a large ice cube.
A great stand-in for Campari or other rosso aperitivo. Consider a Negroni or Boulevardier, or use as a sweet vermouth for a more angular, fruity riff.

  • Production

    79 Cases Produced

    Made and bottled by hand.

  • Base Wine

    44% skin-fermented Santa Rosa Plums from Red House Grove Farm (Charlottesville, VA), 37% skin-fermented Traminette from Narmarda Vineyard (Amissville, VA), and 19% Vidal from Feisty Fox Farm & Vineyard (Catlett, VA)

  • Key Botanicals

    wormwood, rose hips, staghorn sumac, tulsi

  • Aging

    4 months with 100% apple wood

Keep Refrigerated after Opening

Sediment in the bottle is natural.

Using Solstice Vermouth on the Bar

While all of our wines can be enjoyed on their own, we created them with cocktails in mind.

Explore our compendium of cocktail recipes using Solstice Vermouth.

Cocktail Recipes
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