Cocchi Rosa Americano

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Producer: Cocchi

Region: Piemonte, Italy

Cocchi Americano is a Piemontese aromatized wine made following a family recipes dating back to 1891.  Originally crafted by Giulio Cocchi in the town of Asti, it has become an emblem of Northern Italian culture.  The name “Americano” is both due to the alcohol made bitter (“amaricato”) by the addition of herbs and spices and to the American habit of drinking vermouth with ice and soda.  

Cocchi Rosa is an infusion of botanicals into a base of Piemontese red wine.  The true recipe is a secret, but includes ginger, gentian, wormwood, cinchona, bitter orange peel.

Giulio Cocchi was a young and creative pastry chef from Florence, where he worked in the most popular bar located in Piazza del Duomo. In the late nineteenth century he moved to Asti, a small but lively town in the north west of Italy, not far from Torino.  There, fascinated by the local food and wine tradition, he discovered Asti as being the capital of Moscato, with which the locals would blend sugar, herbs, and spices.  Come 1891, Giulio established a distillery and sparkling wine house in Asti, where he would quickly establish Cocchi as an international standard in aromatized wine. 

Today the winery still maintains its artisan character and follows the original recipes, formulated by Giulio Cocchi in 1891, to craft the distinctive wines that have made the Cocchi a cult name.