The Shack

Sorghum Mustard BBQ Sauce

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 A twangy blend of sweet sorghum, ground mustard, and cider vinegar, this is a true to its name failsafe for all genres of BBQ.  Brushed over chicken, pork, tofu or veggies grilled, The Shack elevates traditional regional ingredients into something modern, accessible, and fun. 

16 fluid ounces


The Shack

The Shack is a farm-to-table restaurant in Staunton VA owned and operated by renowned chef Ian Boden.  Continuing in his dedication to local foodways, Ian crafted a line of sorghum-based sauces to share with the public.  Sweet sorghum was introduced to the American South in the 1850s, where it quickly grew in popularity among farmers looking for local alternatives to the more expensive sugarcane and beet sugar available at the time. Its mellow and unique sweetness as well as its hearty growth in hot, dry climates made it a staple for subsistence farming communities and a great flavor base for southern cooking.