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Shishito Peppers

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A favorite old Japanese variety which produces 3 inches long, slightly wrinkled fruit that is perfect for making tempura and other traditional recipes. Fruit is emerald green in color, ripening to red, and mildly flavored with just a bit of spice. 

We have two things things that we love to do with shishitos: 

One is to blister them whole in a pan, then season them with salt, lemon zest, and a grated sharp aged sheep or goats cheese. This makes an amazing snack, or a side with sautéed greens and some pan seared chicken.

The other way is to dice them with some onions and sauté them with butter for a few minutes, then add in corn cut raw from the cob. Once the corn starts to brown at the edges, remove from the heat and top with some diced parsley, oregano, or both.