Franklin Sustainable Farms

Garlic Chive White Cheddar

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With Garlic Chives

Cheddar cheese begins like many other cheeses, with its curds separated from its whey.  After that, it takes a very different path.  The curds are pressed together into dense bricks, expressing more of the lingering whey.  Once fulling condensed, the curd is then passed through a rough mill, separating the curds into fine, soft pieces.  These are then pressed back together into cakes, and then aged for extended periods.  This complicated pressing and milling process gives cheddar its supple texture. 

Franklin Sustainable Farms

Franklin Sustainable Farms is a cooperative of Amish farmers based out of Pennsylvania.  They connect small Amish farmers to markets in need, supporting a truly small-scale, farm to table model.  They consistently feature products of impeccable quality and freshness, and we are proud to support their work.