Fatalone "Spinomarino" Bianco 2017

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Region: Puglia, Italy

Varietal: Greco

Fatalone is a small historic family winery. In the late 19th century, their ancestor Petrera Nicola decided to build his home within the winery, choosing the Spinomarino hillside.  Thus comes the name of this vintage.  So too came the vineyards that would later produce Fatalone's most beloved vintages.

Fatalone cultivates its vineyards following organic methods, letting native grasses act as a cover crop through the summer months and fertilizing their vines with green manure.  They cultivate yeasts native to their region in all of their wines, expressing the unique terroir of the climate in totality.  The entire winery is solar-powered, a direct testament to their commitment to sustainability in all that they do.