Contreras Ruiz

Condado de Huelva Blanco "Édalo" 2020

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Producer: Contreras Ruiz
Varietal: Zalema
Region: Andalusia, Spain

Contreras Ruiz is located in Condado de Huelva, next to the national park of Doñana, a UNESCO recognized heritage wildlife region dedicated to wild bird habitat and wetland bioregions.  The park is known for its sandy dunes, its pristine marshlands, and for its close proximity to the Atlantic ocean.  

With soils fortified by years of silt deposition and the constant sea breeze rolling in from the coast, the wines of Contreras Ruiz are both full yet reserved.  Edalo, in particular, carries both the density of Doñana’s fauna and the bracing salinity of its coastal persona.  It is a balance of contrasts, fragile and deep.  Like the wetlands at its edges, it moves with quiet, subtle certainty. 

Edalo is made entirely from Zalema, a native Spanish white grape.  In fact, Contreras Ruiz focuses the majority of its winemaking on Zelama, paying homage to the important place this grape holds in regional identity.  While traditionally used in Condado de Huelva to make an oloroso-style fortified wine, the wines of the region eventually were overshadowed by those of Jerez.  It was not until its rebirth as a fresh table wine that the Zalema of Condado de Huelva reclaimed its notoriety.

Contreras Ruis' vision rooted in preservation, both cultural and ecological.  They are in the process of transitioning to organic certification, and uses organic practices in both the vineyard and winery.  Their adherence to the high standards of organic certification has not left their wines unapproachable for the everyday drinker.  

In the words of the winemaker, their wines are "designed for those of us who like to experience the street, the day to day, the freshness and light of the south, the joy of Andalusia."