Colony Cocktails

Colony Cocktails The Tangier

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An exotic journey with just one sip, The Tangier allures with a combination of grapefruit, rosemary, cardamom and other botanicals which is sure to become a favorite. A cocktail that can go wherever adventure takes you and is equally suited to accompany your next black-tie evening.

Colony Cocktails 

Colony Cocktails is crafted by Middleburg-local, husband-and-wife team Philip and Jessica Miller.  After jumping ship from their urban Arlington home, they settled in Middleburg, Virginia, where they quickly became involved with the innerworkings of the town.  Middleburg offered a vibrant and interactive community, and it was this deep sense of community that fueled the creation of Colony Cocktails.  

“What we stand for as a brand is bringing people together … we feel very passionate about that,” Jessica says in an interview with Middleburg Life. “We all get so wrapped up in our lives and we are very busy as a culture. We need to spend more time connecting with each other. That’s really the brand’s main goal.”

Jessica and Philip step away from spirits in their work, taking their inspiration from the layered complexity of Vino Amaro and vermouth. By layering botanicals into a base of California Chardonnay, they build emotive, intensely flavorful creations all their own. Each is a portraiture of a mood and a moment.

Each cocktail is a force for social good.  With 10% of each purpose donated to charitable causes, Jessica and Philip are working to build a more resilient, joyful community with every cocktail they make.