Thanksgiving Turkeys

The Centerpiece

We prefer locally-raised turkeys for our table.  Not only is the flavor much better than conventionally raised birds, but Thanksgiving turkey sales are a major source of income for small farms and businesses.  It's worth the extra legwork to support our local community.  

How to Turkey

We've Got You Covered

Grocery shopping through the holidays — especially Thanksgiving— can be an intense experience. Instead of taking the difficult path, order all you need for delivery with your CSA share just before Thanksgiving.

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While Pre-Orders have ended, you can still order from the Marketplace for delivery with your CSA share

Seasonal Libations for Chilly Days

Don't Forget the Cocktails

Just as much excitement can be found in the glass as on the plate, whether you're making or just enjoying.

Thanksgiving Cocktails
  • Cranberry-Fig Chutney with Pistachios

    A sweet & spicy cranberry sauce alternative.

    Get the Recipe 
  • Cinnamon Apple Sour

    Autumn spice, fresh cider, and aged Virginia brandy.

  • Garlicky Mashed Potatoes

    There are some things that need little amendment.

    The Classic Way