Do I need to be home for my delivery?

For deliveries of fresh produce, you do not have to be home for your delivery.  However, you must have a cooler with frozen ice packs ready to receive your delivery, and we strongly recommend that your items be moved into refrigeration within one hour of delivery.

We cannot be held accountable for any item left unattended for more than one hour or if a cooler with ice packs is not put out.  For a point of reference, baby lettuces if placed in a hot cooler or left out in the sun will wilt within 15 min.

If your subscription or order includes alcohol, you must legally be present at the time of the delivery, however we do maintain a no-contact-required delivery, so leaving a cooler out for us is perfectly acceptable.

If you do not expect that you can be home within a few hours after delivery, please do not select that day for delivery.  We do not want any produce to go to waste.  We do offer options for pickup, which might be a better choice for you.