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Harvest is a time for slowing down and celebrating the hard work of the year.   Friends and family gather over food and drink, our differences set aside.  The turning of the year reminds us of what is most important: time spent in merriment and joy with those who mean the most to us. 

We can think of no better way to toast the season than with the last gleanings of fall: squash and wine.  If you’re feeling confused, try thinking like a farmer:

From pumpkins in pies to butternuts roasted on the hearth, winter squash is a seasonal archetype.  They are one of the last crops harvested before the frost.  They are the final burst of sweetness until the berries of spring ripen. 

Winemaking is a year-round dedication to the harvest.  Autumn is a flurry of intensity, ending quickly with wines barreled and bottled.  They rest for months, even years, before a brief rediscovery.  Wine reminds us that pleasure is defined by perseverance.  Life’s joys are fleeting.  The work behind them is what makes them worthwhile. 

Each crop marks a moment in the arc of the year.  Some wake us from the sleep of winter, leafy and shy.  Others cool our brows in the heat of summer with sugar sweetness.  Still more warm our hearts as the leaves shift gold and the days draw short.  November is a time of revelry for the many months of food we’ve shared.  

Whether you commemorate the season with hearty food or festive drink, we invite you to savor the time we share together.  Bake the pie.  Drink the wine.  Laugh with your loved ones.  Let the hours run so late they turn early.  

Make memories that you’ll keep many years from now.  That is what the harvest is all about. 

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Celebrating the Harvest