Artemisia Farm & Vineyard

Loudoun County Honey

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A hyperlocal, NoVA honey at its finest.  This is late season wildflower honey, pressed from the natural flora of western Loudoun County.  Elegant and poised, its flavor profile is delicate, with subtle notes of blossoms, chestnuts, and hay.  

16 oz

Old Apple Valley Farms

As long-time friends and supporters of our work, we feel that Old Apple Valley is best described in their words:

"We have lived on our farm in western Loudoun County since 1998. As ex-teachers we both want to pass on to the next generation how our food can be grown with new techniques, as well as the "old" ways. We grow most of our products using minimal sprays which are organic, but not certified. We make every attempt to live with our animal friends in a way which does not impact their environment."