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Artemisia Farm & Vineyard

BLIND Vermouth

A Seminar

Blind tasting is the art of analyzing  a wine using only the senses.  It’s a practice that trains us to better pair wine with food, understand the nuances of terroir, and fully grasp varietal variation.  It’s commonplace to blind taste all sorts of wines, but when it comes to the bar, blind tasting is less common.  

Introducing BLIND, a new class series focused on blind tasting bottles for the bar.  In each class, we’ll compare different bar staples, using our senses to learn their subtleties.  We’ll come away with a better understanding of how to build a cocktail or create unique pairings at the table.  

In our first BLIND class, we’re focusing on vermouth.  Ubiquitous on the bar but seldom appreciated for its diversity, understanding vermouth is critical to building a balanced cocktail.  We’ll taste through a series of vermouths, learning how to identify key attributes such as possible botanicals, sweetening agents, and base wine varieties.  Once unveiled, we’ll talk about the history of each and how to use them on the bar.


Dwell Fine Art and Craft
5047 Leeds Manor Rd.
Hume, VA 22639


January 21, 2023

Reservations required as seating is limited.
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