Lyon Bakery

Pumpernickel Boule

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Legend has is that the name of this beloved loaf came from the distain of a 17th-century French horseman.  After a long day of travel through Germany, he came upon an old Westphalian inn.  The innkeeper greeted him with a slice of dark bread made from rye grain.  Examining the bread with suspicion, the Frenchman exclaimed " C'est bon pour Nicole."  Nicole was the name of his horse.  

We don't share this Frenchman's lack of enthusiasm for this delicious, flavorful bread.  Try it with locks and cream cheese, or with a thick slather of aioli, a few pieces of bacon, and a fat tomato slice. 


Lyon Bakery 

Lyon Bakery is based out of Hyattsville, Maryland.  It was started in 2000 by a group of three friends, and has since become one of the frontrunners of artisan bread production in our region.  Lyon is dedicated entirely to the production of natural bread, free of chemical preservatives and synthetic ingredients.  Their standards of production are rigorous, ensuring same day delivery to their customers and baking only to order.  Nothing is wasted.  Everything is impeccably fresh.