Green Winter Farm

Local Fresh Ginger

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Ginger is one of the many little known secrets in Virginian agriculture.  As a long-season tropical crop, Ginger thrives in hot humidity under the dappled shade of a thick deciduous canopy.  While it can grow outdoors in Virginia, it comes to life under the warm protection of a greenhouse.  Growers throughout the region have discovered this, and we now produce a vast quantity of local ginger.

Most often harvested young, most of this ginger finds its way into restaurants in D.C.  On occasion, one finds a local farm with a little extra ginger on its hands.  That is the case with Green Winter Farm.  It’s a pleasure to bring support their hard work by connecting them with individuals. 

Green Winter Farm, run by Jackson Cox and partner Hannah Knopp, is tucked behind the Nelson County Community Center on 6 beautiful acres of a previous 400 acre apple orchard.  Jackson grew up learning from his grandfather, who grew and canned vegetables and had a passion for building, both of which he passed to Jackson.  

Green Winter grows diverse crops with a large focus on hot peppers, turmeric and ginger. They also keep bees and grow lovely pumpkins, squash, lavender, and elderberries. Green Winter now has a greenhouse, 2 hoop houses, and a 70′ raised bed for fig trees. 

You will receive the whole root. Keep it in the fridge in a crisper drawer so that there is not too much moisture. Break off little pieces as you need and return to the fridge. If you can't use it all in time, you can