Shepherds Hill Farm

Local Chicken Eggs

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Gathered by hand from the cooperative farms of Franklin Sustainable Farms, these eggs come from happy, sustainably raised chickens.  On their family homesteads, each is given plenty of room to roam, eating primarily wild plants and insects, living peacefully and quietly.    

1 Dozen

Shepherds Hill Farm

Shepherds Hill is a small family farm in Standardsville, Virginia.  Farmers Glen and Margaret made the switch to raising their own chickens after discovering just how much different pasture-raised eggs tasted from those in the grocery store.  It wasn't long before their small flock grew into a full-fledged poultry operation.  The family is hands on every step of the way, cleaning, collecting, and packaging the eggs by hand.  Their hens have regular access to pasture, living low-stress, happy lives.