Firehook Bakery

Italian Half Loaf (Sliced)

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The classic Italian loaf is a hefty affair, made for large dinners with extended family and plenty of lush sauces to mop up.  For those concerned with their loaf going stale before they can enjoy it, the half loaf provides a welcome option!  Slightly larger than a standard demi loaf, this artisan bread is crusty and light, with an open crumb yet yielding texture.  Ideal with pasta or soup.  

Pre-sliced for quick munching.  Can be frozen and thawed slice by slice.  Simply toast thawed slices for fresh daily bread. 

Firehook Bakery 

Established in 1992, Firehook is an artisan bakery located in the heart of Chantilly, Virginia.  They craft an assortment of sweet and savory goods, all of which are baked to order.  Firehook is also one of the most active hunger relief donors in NoVA, partnering with a wide array of food banks throughout the region.  They take their name from an ancient dough hook once used by ancient bakers to pull earthenware bread pots from open fires.