Guatamala 70% Dark Chocolate

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Chocotenango  means "The Place of Chocolate."  Owner and chocolatier Ismael Neggaz began his journey in Antigua, Guatemala in 2005, sourcing beans directly from small farms.  As production expanded, Ismael turned his focus to sourcing from various microregions throughout major chocolate producing areas, drawing comparisons between terrior and bean varietal, much as one does with wine or coffee.  Inviting inspiration from the small farmers behind his chocolate, he began infusing bars with traditional herbs and spices used regionally in traditional chocolate preparations.  The resulting collection is a curated tour of chocolate production at both the micro and global scale.  Always speaking to the producer, Ismael continues his tireless search for expressivity in chocolate. 

70% dark chocolate made from organically grown cacao beans from a cooperative of 18 families in Chivite, Guatemala - the country where Chocotenango originated from! The village and the farms are accessible by a swinging bridge over the wild, rushing Cahabon river.