J & L Green Farm

Grass-Fed Ground Beef

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 This is the workhorse of ground beef.  Weighing in at 88/12% lean, it has enough natural fat to stay moist on the grill without becoming greasy or falling apart.  Ideal in any recipe that calls for ground beef.  100% grass-fed and grass-finished.

1 pound

J & L Green Farm 

J&L Green Farm is based out of Edinburg, Virginia.  After apprenticing under Joal Salatin at the renowned Polyface farm, owner Jordan Green left his previous life in the military to start a farm with his wife, Laura.  They tend their livestock with great care, keeping them exclusively on pasture or woodland and farming in alliance with nature's rhythms.

J&L Green Farm raises pastured poultry, grass-fed and grass-finished beef, and forested pork, in which hogs are rotated through wooded areas during the last third of their lives, foraging on land unsuited for other agricultural endeavors. Their animals are humanely raised and handled, eating an all-natural diet and living stress-free lives on the 200-acre farm.