Crescent Simples

Blueberry Lavender Simple Syrup

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Crafted from whole blueberries, this is a demure, subtle syrup that leans into the round breadth of the berries at its center.  Lavender adds a floral, cooling finish and tempting aromatics. 

8 ounces

Crescent Simples

Crescent Simples is owned by a dynamic pair of once-upon-a-time bartenders: Megan and Bill.  After Megan suffered a severe back injury, they made the difficult decision to return to Virginia to be near family.  While in recovery, Megan explored the rabbit hole of cocktails syrups available to the market, and found them to be extremely lacking.  After a number of trial batches, they came upon a core line of syrups that would appeal to both the home bar hobbyist and the serious career bartender.