Living Pastures Farm

Free-Range Whole Chicken

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These whole chickens are an economical way to support the local food web.  Buying the whole bird saves you the secondary labor charge of portioning out individual cuts  You can roast the entire chicken for a weekend meal and save the bones for stock, or portion it yourself to use over the course of multiple meals.  

These chickens are hand processed and packaged.  When thawing your chicken, we recommend standing it upright with the packaging closure facing away from the ground.  This will minimize the potential for any leaks.   Leakage is unlikely, but we recommend taking reasonable precautions. 


Living Pastures Farm

Living Pastures is a small, family farm based out of Marshall, VA, run by Jonathan and Ellen Elliott.  They raise 100% grass-fed & grass-finished beef and pasture-raised chicken.  Their cattle and chickens are cared for without the use of hormones, grains, or antibiotics. They move the herd and flocks to fresh pasture daily, allowing them to mimic natural herd movement while increasing soil health and plant diversity. 


 Supporting the local food web means finding the unsung farmers who don't always make it into grocery stores.  This is some of the highest quality chicken we've yet found, and we are honored to support the growth of a fellow neighborhood small business.