Quinta da Raza

Quinta da Raza Dom Diogo Rosé 2020

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Producer: Quinta da Raza
Varietal: Padeiro (Tinta Cão)
Region: Basto, Vinho Verde, Portugal

Padeiro is another name for the varietal Tinta Cão, traditionally grown in the Douro region of Portugal. Despite its beloved nuance and prized role in the production of port, its tendency towards low yields reduced this varietal nearly to nonexistence. Specialized trellising initiatives have promoted increased yields, bringing Padeiro back into the modern spotlight.

This is a slightly effervescent, off-dry rose, ideal on a hot summer day or as a base for sangria.

Quinta da Raza

Quinta da Raza holds 50 hectares of vines in the unique Basto area of the Vinho Verde region in Portugal. Located between the Tâmega river and the Serra do Marão mountains, Quinta da Raza is constantly caught in a funnel of Atlantic wind, keeping the air dry and cool. Their resulting wines feature bracing acidity and poise as a result. A fifth-generation winery, theirs is a mission to preserve the classic Vinho Verde character of their wines.