Meadow Creek Dairy

Mountaineer Cheese

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Aged in Meadow Creek's cellars a minimum of six months, Mountaineer is an alpine
cheese with a supple texture that dissolves on the tongue.  It opens with roasted nuts and sweet butter, mellowing into a rich, caramel finish.

Approximately 1/2 pound


Meadow Creek Dairy

Meadow Creek Dairy holds an uncommonly deep commitment to the health and happiness of their cows.  Born and raised entirely on pasture, they are encouraged to eat a healthy and diverse natural diet through progressive rotational grazing practices.  In the winter, they are given time away from calving in order to rest (an uncommon practice in industrial dairy settings).  Many of the cows are well into their late teens, being allowed to live out the entirety of their lives with the herd, despite being beyond their prime productivity years.  The compassion and intention behind Meadow Creek Dairy can be seen in the incredible quality of their products.  These cheeses capture the terroir of the Virginian mountainside.