Firehook Bakery

Classic Bagels

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Classic, New York-style bagels, with a dense, chewy texture and excellent shelf life.  Bagels the go-to vehicle for meals on the run, from peanut butter and jelly to lox and cream cheese.  They freeze well, and can be thawed quickly under the broiler or in a toaster for a fast snack. 

6 bagels

Firehook Bakery 

Established in 1992, Firehook is an artisan bakery located in the heart of Chantilly, Virginia.  They craft an assortment of sweet and savory goods, all of which are baked to order.  Firehook is also one of the most active hunger relief donors in NoVA, partnering with a wide array of food banks throughout the region.  They take their name from an ancient dough hook once used by ancient bakers to pull earthenware bread pots from open fires.