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Artemisia Farm & Vineyard

Bitters: The Art of Toning a Cocktail

A Seminar

Bitters get short shrift on the bar. Diminutive in size and less immediately intoxicating, they more often than not become little more than their namesake: bitter. In truth, bitters are a form of amaro: botanically-infused spirits meant to bring nuance and glamor to the glass. They can be piercing and direct or subtle and layered. Used by the drop or by the ounce, they can change the personality of a cocktail with little more than a dash.

Experience the spectrum of what bitters can do in a tasting seminar featuring each of our four artisan bitters. We’ll explore how each changes the face of a cocktail with samples and discussion. Bottles of our bitters will be available for purchase as well as gift sets for the holidays.


Dwell Fine Art and Craft
5047 Leeds Manor Rd.
Hume, VA 22639


December 10th

Bottles available for purchase. Seating is limited.
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Must be 21+ years of age to attend.

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