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Artemisia Farm & Vineyard

Artemisia Cocktail Bitters Gift Set

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Artemisia cocktail bitters are crafted from Appalachian native botanicals, many of which are grown right here on our farm.  Each bottle is crafted after the moods and flavors of a season.    

As a miniature sample set, complete with a cocktail recipe card, this is the gift for aspiring bartenders who value local agriculture and cocktail terroir.

In this box, you'll find a cocktail recipe card and a 1oz bottle of each of the following:

  • Junio Elder Bitters: Alpine and floral, Junio combines the fragile sweetness of white mulberries with the bracing cut of juniper and the ephemeral quiet of elderflower.  Blends seamlessly with vodka, tequila and sherry, especially fino and amontillado. 

  • Æstas Sumac Bitters  A heady infusion of staghorn sumac berries, rhubarb root, and star anise, Æstas is aromatic and citrusy, with gentle astringency adding structure and movement.  An excellent bitter for spritzes and sparkling cocktails. 

  • Incendia Smoked Cherry Bitters : Incendia is smoky and intense, mingling the lush press of tart cherry with the untamed char of wood smoke.  Balanced between sweet and bitter, it shines in classic and autumnal cocktails.
  • Quercus Oak Bitters:  Quercus is the taste of a bonfire in midwinter.  Dark and intense, Quercus combines fire-charred oak with southern blackstrap molasses and dried sage.  Marries well with fruit-forward cocktails, or in larger quantities as an assertive stand-in for bourbon.

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